Estay: Diaspora letters

  • 249 kr
Article Number: 7820

Diaspora letters is a visual conversation between photographers and artist Nicolás Wormull b. 1977, based in Chile and Ricard Estat b. 1985, based in Sweden.

Both are aware of what these places have to offer and have close relationships with them. In two parallel diaries that are democratically collected in Diaspora letters. The reader gets to take part in a feverish dream-like journey.

An intimate micro-macro dialogue that has probably lasted longer than the work extends. Seemingly longer than the two have known each other. Maybe even for generations.

Svenska / English / Español

Format: Inbunden
Antal sidor: 72
Medverkande: Nicolás Wormull (fotografi), Ricard Estay (fotografi), Kristian Petri (text), Paulina Vivanco (design)